To Promote an Application to a Production Environment (Design Center)

Once your application is ready to be published, you can promote it to any environment in your Anypoint organization.

  1. Click the Promote Application button on the top navbar deploying your project a675b

  2. Select a name under which to run your application and the CloudHub environment to promote the application.

  3. Set up the connector configurations of your project for this new environment.

    deploying your project 9cee7

    The fields exposed in this screen are the same as those that can be set in the connector configurations of each element in your flow.

    This allows you to tweak your application with values and credentials that may point to similar assets that exist in the new environment. You may have – for example – a staging database for your applications in staging, and a production database for your applications in production. This eliminates the need to add property placeholders.

  4. After promoting, you can go to the Runtime Manager console and manage your application in the same way as any other Mule application.

    deploying your project e2ffa

Keep in mind that applications are promoted to a specific environment (i.e: Dev, QA, Production).

Make sure you’re aware of the consequences of promoting to the selected environment, as doing so might give your app more exposure than you want to give it at the time.

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