To Provide Values for Fields

In Design Center, the UI offers several shortcuts that help you provide values for fields.

Function Mode

Most fields can be populated with either a static value or an expression. Switch between static mode and expression mode by clicking the expression button flow designer 88d35.

When expressions are enabled on a field, you can write a DataWeave expression. The expression can consist of a simple reference to a part of the element’s input (such as 'payload.user'), or may also involve functions to manipulate incoming values into something else. Smart autocomplete options help you write valid expressions that reference existing elements.

When using the expression editor, anything you type into the field is considered a DataWeave expression. Therefore, you shouldn’t wrap your expression in #[], as this is already implied.

Map Button

Some fields also include a Map button flow designer 92092.

When you click this button, it opens an editor window, where you can graphically drag and drop elements from the incoming data and use the full set of features of the Transform Component to build an expression.

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Before you can drag and drop elements, the input and output data types must be known to Design Center. You can provide this information implicitly either configuring other elements in the flow, or by explicitly setting the input and output data types.

Dictionary Editor

Certain fields in certain cards accept an input of type dictionary, these can be provided via a dictionary editor. This editor lets you set up the keys and values of an object as a table instead of raw data, making the data more readable. Simply click the Add button, this opens a popup window where you can define a key and value to add.

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