To Publish an API Design Project

Requires November 2017 Release

This procedure describes how to publish or update an API specification to Exchange. Depending on the entitlements associated with your account you might have the option to publish to Exchange and API Manager.

  1. Open Design Center.

    A list of project names and types appears.

  2. Turn off the mocking service if it’s on.

    turn off ms
  3. In Design Center, in Projects click the name of an API specification project. For example, click an API specification project named placeholder.

  4. Click Publish to Exchange Publish to Exchange icon.

    Publish API Specification to Exchange appears.

  5. In Name, accept the default name or enter a new name. The name appears as a prominent label for this publication in Exchange.

  6. In Main file, select the primary RAML file for the project.

    The valid indicator appears below the main file. Do not continue unless the file is valid.

  7. In Asset Version and API Version, type version names or accept the defaults.

  8. Click Show Advanced and optionally change the Asset ID, which is the unique name of the asset in Exchange. Also, you can view the Group ID of the asset.

  9. Click Publish.

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