About Running an App (Design Center)

You can design an app to start executing with or without intervention from another app or a user. Using a trigger, such as HTTP Listener, requires that you or an app start the app. For example, you enter a path in a browser to start the app as described in the flow design basic procedures.

Using a trigger, such as Scheduler, executes and re-executes your flow without intervention according to the schedule you configure.

The status of the deployment appears at the top of Design Center.

When running a app on a schedule, you can pause the app to prevent it from re-executing endlessly.

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Pausing an app keeps the workspace active and the CloudHub resources in use.

Restarting a workspace deletes the current workspace and creates an empty new workspace. Restarting the workspace is sometimes required after a number of errors occur. After restarting a workspace or making changes to a project, you need to redeploy the app for changes then take effect.

When you deploy an app in Design Center, it appears in Runtime Manager. You can jump to Runtime Manager from Options to manage the app there. In Runtime Manager, you can configure runtime operations of designs you deploy in Design Center.

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