About the Transform Component (Design Center)

The Transform component carries out transformations over the input data it receives. You can explicitly write out a transformation in DataWeave language, or you can use the visual mapper to build your transformation through dragging and dropping elements of the incoming data structure.

These two views can be worked on at the same time. Any changes in one view are reflected in real time with the other view.

  • Graphical View: Two tree views show the expected metadata structures of the input and output. Mappings between these two trees are represented through lines. The lines can be created by dragging and dropping an element from the input to another element to the output.

    transform message component concept design center b3dc0

  • Script View: The visual mapping can be represented as DataWeave code. Advanced transformations such as aggregation, normalization, grouping, joining, partitioning, pivoting and filtering can be coded here.

    transform message component concept design center d3719

The Transform component leverages metadata from operations, schemas and sample data. It offers you a preview of your output that is built on sample data and is updated in real time as you make changes to your transformation.

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