To Upload an Existing RAML File to Exchange

This procedure describes how to publish an existing RAML file on Exchange. In Exchange, you cannot upload a RAML file as a new asset.

  1. In Anypoint Platform, click Design Center. Set up a project to create a new API specification:

    • In Projects, click Create. Select API Specification.

    • In New API Specification, type a name for your new project. For example, type myproject. Click Create.

  2. Click Files > Import.

  3. Select RAML File or RAML Url and upload the file or enter the URL. Import the RAML.

  4. Click Publish to Exchange Publish to Exchange icon. In Publish API Specification to Exchange, provide the following information:

    • Name. Accept the default name or enter a new name. The name appears as a prominent label for this publication in Exchange. For example, type RAML for Inventory API

    • Main File. Select the file you created: myproject.raml.

      The valid indicator appears below the main file. Do not continue unless the file is valid.

    • Asset Version. Type the asset version designator in Exchange.

    • API Version: Type the version designator or accept the default.

  5. Click Show Advanced and optionally change the Asset ID, which is the unique name of the asset in Exchange. Also, you can view the Group ID of the asset.

  6. In Publish To, different options appear, depending on your design:

    • To publish a new API specification, select Exchange or Exchange and API Manager.

    • To update an existing API specification, select Exchange, Exchange and API Manager, or API Manager.

  7. In Publish API Specification to Exchange, click the link below the message "Successfully published to Exchange."

    In Exchange, you see the API specification.

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