User Access to Design Center

  • In order to access the Design Center, your user account must have a Design Center Developer role assigned or be the Organization Owner.

  • To use all of the features in Design Center and deploy applications to a design environment, your user account must also have a CloudHub Admin role for that specific design environment.

  • Your Anypoint organization also needs to have at least one CloudHub Design Environment, with 0.2 VCores of capacity available.

  • To be able to deploy to production from the editor, your user account also needs a CloudHub Developer role specific to the used production environment.

  • To be able to create new assets in Anypoint Exchange (such as an API Specification), your user account also needs an Exchange Contributor role.

If you need to assign this set of roles to multiple users, you could create a custom role that includes all of the above. Then you only need to assign this single custom role to each.
Note that roles are assigned per environment. Multiple roles are needed for having the same permissions in separate environments.

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