Workflow: Create and Run a Mule Application Project (Design Center)

  1. To Create a Mule Application Project

    In Design Center, create a new project and select its environment.

  2. Arrange Cards to Build a Flow

    Place a set of cards in order. Each card represents a component that carries out a task and passes the result to the next component in line.

  3. To Provide Values for Fields

    Configure the fields in the cards you placed in your flow, with either fixed values, functions or mappings.

  4. To Set Up Connector Configurations

    Operations must reference a connector configuration element that holds reusable connection parameters.

  5. To Run an Application in a Design Environment

    Push your application to run in a design environment as you build it, incrementally checking that each part works as expected.

  6. To Debug a Mule Project

    Verify that your application works as expected before promoting it to production.

  7. To Promote an Application to a Production Environment

    Once your app is ready to be used by other people, promote it to a production or a test environment.

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