EDIFACT EDI Connector 2.4 Control Numbers - Mule 4

Using the Write operation in the Anypoint Connector for EDIFACT EDI (EDIFACT EDI Connector), you can generate control numbers on the generated EDIFACT payload by:

  • Managing global control numbers through control number keys

  • Managing identifier combination control numbers

  • Using your own control number

Manage Global Control Numbers Through Control Number Keys

If your organization or your trading partner must maintain unique interchange, group, or transaction set control numbers across different identifier combinations and document types:

  • Set the configuration Use supplied values to false.

  • Leverage the control number key configurations (at the configuration level or operation level) to set a key unique to the partner.

    By default, the control number key configurations pass dynamically at the operation level. You can then use this group control number key across different identifiers and transaction types for the same partner.

EDIFACT EDI Connector Control Numbers

Manage Identifier Combination Control Numbers

If you want the connector to automatically maintain control number sequencing based on the sender/receiver identifiers and you do not require global control numbers at a partner level, then set the Write configuration Use supplied values to false. When no value passes into the optional interchange, group, or transaction number key configurations, the sender/receiver identifier combination is the default.

Use Your Own Control Number

If you must generate the control numbers and use them on the EDI payload, you can set the parameter Use supplied values to true, and map the control number in the payload to the DataWeave map.

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