Anypoint Flex Gateway

An API gateway allows you to add a dedicated orchestration layer on top of your backend APIs and services to help you separate orchestration from implementation concerns. You can then leverage the governance capabilities of API Manager to apply, among other capabilities, throttling, security, caching, and logging to your APIs.

Anypoint Platform offers three different gateway options for managing and securing your APIs.

Flex Gateway

Anypoint Flex Gateway is an ultrafast API gateway designed to manage and secure APIs running anywhere. Built to seamlessly integrate with DevOps and CI/CD workflows, Anypoint Flex Gateway delivers the performance required for the most demanding applications and microservices while providing enterprise security and manageability across any environment.

Mule Gateway

Mule Runtime includes an embedded API Gateway. Using this gateway, any user can, for example, apply a basic authentication policy on top of a Mule application or enrich an incoming/outgoing message, without having to write any code.

Anypoint Service Mesh

Anypoint Service Mesh enables you to extend Anypoint Platform API Management capabilities to your Istio service mesh through the deployment of a Mule Adapter. Once installed, you can manage and secure your distributed applications running within your Istio service mesh seamlessly from a single pane.

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