Upgrading Flex Gateway

You can upgrade Flex Gateway as a Linux service, in a Docker container, or as a Kubernetes Ingress controller.




Upgrading Flex Gateway requires downtime.

Upgrade as a Linux Service

Flex Gateway is distributed as a standard package. Use the following steps to upgrade either to a specific version or to the latest version.

To upgrade Flex Gateway as a Linux Service:

  1. Update the list of available packages:

    sudo apt update
  2. Update Flex Gateway:

    • To a specific version:

      sudo apt --only-upgrade -y install flex-gateway=<version>
    • To the latest version:

      sudo apt --only-upgrade -y install flex-gateway
  3. Restart the services:

    sudo systemctl restart flex-gateway

Upgrade in a Docker Container

The docker containers are not updated, if a new version is needed then a new container with the new image version should be created to replace the outdated one.

The new versions of the images will be available in mulesoft/flex-gateway.

Upgrade as a Kubernetes Ingress Controller

  1. Update charts with the respective chart repositories:

    helm repo up
  2. Upgrade the release to a new version of the Helm chart by executing the following command, replacing example information with your own:

    helm upgrade -n <namespace> <release_name> flex-gateway/flex-gateway --wait

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