Installing Flex Gateway

You can install Flex Gateway as a Linux service, in a Docker container, or as a Kubernetes Ingress controller.

  • If you want to run your Flex Gateway inside of a virtual machine (VM), install it as a Linux service.

  • If you want try the product quickly or demonstrate some of the product’s capabilities in a non-production scenario, install it in a Docker container.

  • If you want use Flex Gateway as a load balancer at the edge of a Kubernetes cluster, install it as a Kubernetes Ingress controller.




Install as a Linux Service

The process of installing Flex Gateway as a Linux service includes the following tasks:

  • Install dependencies

  • Run the installation commands

  • Verify successful installation

Before You Begin

Before getting started, ensure that you have installed the following:

Run Installation Commands

To install Flex Gateway as a Linux service:

Execute the command block below which does the following actions:

  • Retrieves the public package keys and adds the package repository

  • Updates the package list

  • Updates apt-get

  • Installs the Flex Gateway package

    curl -XGET https://flex-packages.anypoint.mulesoft.com/ubuntu/pubkey.gpg | sudo apt-key add -
    echo "deb [arch=amd64] https://flex-packages.anypoint.mulesoft.com/ubuntu $(lsb_release -cs) main" \
    | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mulesoft.list
    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install -y flex-gateway

Install in a Docker Container

To install Flex Gateway in a Docker container:

  1. Download the Flex Gateway Docker image:

    docker pull mulesoft/flex-gateway
  2. Verify the installation was successful:

    docker images

    You should see the Flex Gateway container image in the resulting list.

    REPOSITORY                   TAG               IMAGE ID       CREATED        SIZE
    mulesoft/flex-gateway        latest     1c1fbdbf819b   9 days ago     334MB

Install as a Kubernetes Ingress Controller

Before installing, ensure that you have installed:

  • A tool to manage container images. The following example uses k3d.

  • kubectl, a tool used to interact with Kubernetes clusters.

  • Helm, a tool used to install Flex Gateway, monitoring tools, and applications. A minimum Helm version of 3.0.0 is required.

    Refer to the Helm Chart Configuration Options for information about customizing the chart.

To install Flex Gateway as a Kubernetes ingress controller:

  1. Download the Flex Gateway container image:

    docker pull mulesoft/flex-gateway

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