Shared Responsibility

The successful operation of Anypoint Flex Gateway is a responsibility shared between you and MuleSoft.

MuleSoft Responsibility

MuleSoft is responsible for:

  • Flex Gateway (including the agent, the Envoy package, and the Fluentbit package.)

  • Providing and supporting a base Helm chart for the installation of Flex Gateway on a Kubernetes cluster.

  • Providing and supporting an online Docker image registry.

  • Providing and supporting an online package repository for installation on Ubuntu and Debian.

Your Responsibility

When running on any target, you are responsible for:

  • Maintaining connectivity to the Anypoint Control Plane.

  • Not running third-party software that interferes with normal Flex Gateway operation. For example: antivirus, DPI, or application security systems.

    For security tool requirements, vendors and security experts that support Kubernetes are recommended.

When running in Kubernetes, you are responsible for:

  • Adapting the base Helm chart to particular needs.

  • Managing the Kubernetes cluster, including:

    • Ingress controller and external load balancing

    • Customizations to Ingress resources

    • Log forwarding

    • Monitoring

    • Network ports, NAT gateways, and proxies

    • Container runtime and networking

    • Provisioning and management of the Kubernetes environment, which requires:

      • Your IT team to provision and manage the infrastructure

      • Your network team to configure allowed ports and proxy settings

      • Your security team to verify compliance and obtain security certificates

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