Troubleshooting Linux Services

When installing and running Anypoint Flex Gateway on Linux, you might encounter issues with specific services. Review the list of Flex Gateway services:

The following topics provide possible causes for service issues and describe how to troubleshoot:

Review Flex Gateway Services

After installing and running Flex Gateway, you can determine which services are running with the following command:

systemctl list-units flex-gateway*

You should see a list of services. Each is described in the following example output.

  UNIT                              LOAD   ACTIVE SUB     DESCRIPTION
  flex-gateway-fluent-reloader.path loaded active waiting flex-gateway-fluent-reloader.path (1)
  flex-gateway-agent.service        loaded active running flex-gateway-agent.service (2)
  flex-gateway-envoy.service        loaded active running flex-gateway-envoy.service (3)
  flex-gateway-fluent.service       loaded active running flex-gateway-fluent.service (4)
  flex-gateway.service              loaded active exited  Application
1 flex-gateway-fluent-reloader.path

Component that monitors the Fluentbit configuration and extends it for reloading capabilities.

2 flex-gateway-agent.service

Component that configures Envoy.

3 flex-gateway-envoy.service

The Envoy service that is used internally as a high performance proxy designed for single services and applications. Extended through WebAssembly filters.

4 flex-gateway-fluent.service

The Fluentbit service that is used internally to forward logs, meters, and metrics into Anypoint Platform. It is also used to forward third party tools configured by the user, and local log files.

Flex Gateway Agent Service Failed to Run

The flex-gateway-agent.service status displays failed after running the systemctl list-units flex-gateway* command.


To diagnose the service failure, run the following command:

journalctl -u flex-gateway-*

Error 1: “Executable path is not absolute”

If the output of the journalctl command includes this line:

/lib/systemd/system/flex-gateway-fluent-reloader.service:9: Executable path is not absolute: sudo /usr/bin/systemctl restart flex-gateway-fluent.service

The problem can be resolved by running this command:

sudo systemctl daemon-reload & sudo systemctl restart flex-gateway

Error 2: “Panic: could not read platform configuration”

If the output of the journalctl command includes this line:

flex-agent[3253]: panic: could not read platform configuration: open : no such file or directory

The problem can be resolved by running chmod on the files created during registration.

Other Services Failed to Run

If services other than flex-gateway-agent.service fail to run correctly, attempt to restart Flex Gateway:

sudo ldconfig
sudo systemctl restart flex-gateway

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