Collecting API Gateway Metrics

Your API gateway is enabled, by default, to collect relevant usage data for improving user experience. MuleSoft uses this data to analyze and better understand the API gateway capabilities uniformly for all customers. The metrics collected by API gateway include:

  • Number and types of applications, APIs, and policies deployed

  • API gateway-related configuration parameters

  • Statistics about the number of requests processed

Note that sensitive information, such as credentials and policy configuration parameters, is not collected. This feature is included in the 3.9.5, 4.2.2, and 4.3.0 versions of Mule runtime engine.

Disable API Gateway Metrics Collection

Even though no sensitive information is collected using this configuration, you might still want to disable it for some reason. To disable the configuration, add the following entry in the wrapper.conf file:


Manage Logs and Troubleshoot

If an error occurs during the metrics collection process, your Mule application’s ability to complete other tasks is not affected. Additionally, all entries related to the metrics collection is logged as DEBUG in the following packages to avoid cluttering the log files:

  • In Mule 3 runtimes:

    • com.mulesoft.module.client.metrics

    • com.mulesoft.module.metrics

  • In Mule 4 runtimes,com.mulesoft.mule.runtime.gw.metrics

If you encounter issues with this feature:

  1. Contact MuleSoft Support and supply them with the metrics logs listed in the previous section.

  2. Disable the configuration until Support is able to resolve your issue.

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