Header Removal Policy

API Manager supports policies for removing HTTP headers from a request or response. The policies take effect before sending the request or response. The Header Removal policy performs the following actions:

  • Prevents receipt of one or more specified headers sent from the client to the backend service.

  • Prevents inclusion of one or more specified headers in a response from the backend service to the client.

Applying the Header Removal Policy

Perform the following steps to apply the policy:

  1. From your left navigation, select API Administration.

  2. Select the version to which you want to apply the policy.

  3. From your left navigation, select Policies.

    The policies details page appears. If the header was already provided by the client or another policy, the value is overwritten with your header.

  4. Click Apply New Policy.

    The Select Policy dialog box appears.

  5. From the policy list, select the Header Removal radio button and click Configure Policy.

    The Apply Header Removal policy page appears.

  6. In the Inbound Header Map box, type the name of the inbound header.

    For example, type in-header in the box.

  7. In the Outbound Header Map box, type the name of the outbound header.

    For example, type out-header in the box.

    apply header removal policy

  8. Click Apply.

    The Policies page is displayed with the Header Removal policy that you added.

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