To Design an API

This procedure covers one way to create a RAML-based API in Anypoint Platform. You can create a RAML-based API from an existing SOAP-based API or start with just an idea and design the API from start to finish using RAML. In this procedure, you design the API from start to finish.


To create an API in Anypoint Platform, you need an account and permissions. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for a free one.

If you set up your account in the cloud, you have permissions to create an API. If you’re using an organization’s account, you might not have these permissions. You need API Creators or Organization Administrator access. To determine your access level, after logging into Anypoint Platform, click Access Management > Roles. If API Creators or Organization Administrator is visible, you can proceed. Otherwise, contact your site administrator before proceeding.

API Roles

Create an API Definition and Build a RAML File

An API definition is the name of an API and its version that you specify in the API Manager.

  1. After signing in to Anypoint Platform, set up the API.

  2. Design the basic RAML API.

  3. Simulate calls to the API.