To Add Exchange Assets to Studio

Anypoint Exchange lets you add assets to Anypoint Studio.

  1. Open Anypoint Studio 6.2.3 and later.

  2. In Studio, click Help > Check for Updates to ensure you have the latest software.

  3. Click Anypoint Studio > Preferences > Anypoint Studio > Exchange.

  4. Set the URL to:
  5. Click the Exchange icon in the Studio taskbar:


    Or click the link Studio generates below searches:


  6. Search Exchange for the asset you want to add to Studio:

    • Connectors - Provides access to a new resource that you can add to any Mule project.

    • Example - Adds a new complete Mule project that illustrates a use case.

    • Template - Adds a new Mule project that provides a starting point for understanding a solution.

  7. For examples and templates, in Exchange, click Open: open-icon
    Your new project appears in Studio.

  8. For connectors, in Exchange, click Install: install-icon
    Accept the terms and conditions, follow through the wizard, and allow Studio to restart. After Studio restarts, search for your connector and drag it to the Studio Canvas.