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Create an HTTPS Listener (Design Center)

This procedure describes how to create an HTTPS Listener secured by TLS 1.2. The Listener responds to an HTTPS URL that you enter in a browser to start an app.

  1. Create a new project, and in Trigger, select HTTP.

  2. Edit the Listener configuration.

    • In Configuration Name, accept the default name.

    • In Protocol, select HTTPS.

    • Set the host =

    • Set the port = 8082.

      On the CloudHub HTTP configuration, the port needs to be 8082.

    • Click TLS, and configure TLS as described in "Workflow: Configuring TLS."

    • Accept the default no base path.

  3. In General, set Path to the path of the HTTP URL. For example, enter /tls-listener.

  4. In Advanced, set Allowed Methods to GET. Accept the other default settings and close the configuration.

  5. Add logic to the flow to create an app. For example, add another HTTP Request to consume a REST service.

  6. Click Deploy, and the execute the flow:

    • Click Copy Link.

    • Paste the link in a browser or client.

    • Add a prefix to the URL: https://.

    • Add a suffix to the URL /tls-listener.

      The output, a list of REST service users for example, appears in the browser.

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