To Start an App from a Browser (Design Center)

In this procedure, you configure an HTTP Listener. You set an HTTP URL consisting of a host name, a port, and a path. When the Listener receives the request from a browser, it initiates the app.

  1. Create a new project. In New Flow, in Trigger, select the HTTP Listener.

  2. In a Connector configuration, accept or change the existing CloudHub HTTP configuration. For example, accept the default CloudHub HTTP configuration:

    • Protocol: HTTP

    • Host:

    • Port: 8081

  3. In General, set Path to the path of the URL you plan to use to start the app from the browser. For example, set Path to /trigger.

  4. In Advanced, set Allowed Methods to GET. Accept the other default settings and close the configuration.

  5. Click + and select Logger.

  6. In Logger, in Message, type "Hello"

  7. Click Deploy, and the execute the flow:

    • Select Copy Link.

    • Paste the link in a browser or client and type /trigger at the end.

  8. In Design Center, click logs.

    The logs appear and you see Hello.

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