Customizing the Server Metrics Dashboard

Mule Management Console (MMC) was deprecated in December 2015. Its End of Life is July 15, 2019. For more information see the MMC Migrator Tool or contact your Customer Success Manager to determine how you can migrate to Anypoint Runtime Manager.

Click the configure icon to the right of the Servers Metrics heading (in the figure below) to customize this portion of the servers details pane. You can select the particular metrics you want displayed in the chart.

The customize screen (in the figure below) shows the active metrics, which are those currently appearing in the pane. Click the red X next to a metric to remove it from the display. For example, click the X to the right of OS Swap Usage to remove it from the chart.

Click the Add New Chart Type button to select other usage charts to display. Select from the available list of charts.

server config

Depending on the chart you select, you may be queried for more information. For example, if you select the Flow Execution Time chart, you are prompted to select a flow from the pull-down list. You can also customize the display name for the chart. See the figure below.

select chart

Chart Configuration Options

You can add the following server metrics charts. For each type of chart, the table shows the configuration you will need to specify. Since you may configure the display name for any chart type, this option is not shown in the table. In addition, you can add the server metrics chart to all servers.

Chart Type Configuration Options

Flow Errors

Select the flow

Flow Processing Time

Select the flow

Flow Throughput

Select the flow

JMX Attribute

MBean, attribute, period (in seconds), Track Delta

JMX Memory Usage

Maximum memory, select memory pool

OS CPU Usage

No additional options

OS Memory Usage

Maximum memory

OS Swap Usage

Maximum memory

Thread Pool Size

Select the thread pool

Service Execution Time

Select the server and service

Service Queue

Select the service and the queue

Service Queue Time

Select the server and service

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