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How to Run the Management Console

To run the management console, make sure your web container is running and the management console webapp has been deployed correctly.

If you are using the evaluation version, enter http://localhost:8585/mmc in your browser.

Note: If you have deployed a production version rather than the evaluation version, enter http://localhost:8080/mmc in your browser.

Note: This note pertains only to those users deploying to a Tcat server and relying on default values. You should specify the URL to be the exact name of the management console war file you deployed to the web container, since the mmc portion of the URL references the deployed agent per the war file. For example, if you deployed a war file with the name mmc-server-3.2-SNAPSHOT, you would specify the URL as http://localhost:8080/mc-server-3.2-SNAPSHOT rather than http://localhost:8080/mmc.

The login screen (see below) appears in the browser window, indicating you have started the management console.


If another app is using port 8585 (or 8080), you can change the port in your container’s configuration (such as the /conf/server.xml file under your Tomcat home directory). If you want to run the management console remotely from another computer, enter the correct name (or ip address) of the host computer instead of localhost.

When you start the management console for the first time, you can log in with the user name "admin" and the password "admin".