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Using HTTP GET Requests

MuleSoft recommends against deployments to Mule 3.8. Standard Support for this version ended on November 16, 2018, and Mule 3.8 will reach its End of Life on November 16, 2021, when Extended Support ends.

CXF has built-in support for understanding GET requests, which use the following format:


For example:

@WebService(endpointInterface = "org.mule.samples.echo.components.EchoService",
    serviceName = "echo")
public class EchoComponent implements EchoService
    public String echo(String string)
        return string;

The above Echo service is hosted in Mule on the endpoint cxf: http://localhost:65081/services/EchoUMO, so you can access the service from a simple web browser by typing the following:

This will send the value "hello" for the string parameter to the echo() method.

Due to a bug in CXF, this is only supported with the JAX-WS frontend.

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