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Rename JSON Keys

This DataWeave example renames some keys in a JSON object, while retaining the names of all others in the output.

It uses these functions:

  • mapObject to go through the key:value pairs in a JSON object.

  • if by itself to determine when to change the name of a key.

  • if with and to retain the name of all keys except the two with new names.

  • as to coerce the type of the keys into a String.

%dw 2.0
output application/json
--- map (flight) -> {
    (flight mapObject (value, key) -> {
        (emptySeats: value) if(key as String == 'availableSeats'),
        (airline: value) if(key as String == 'airlineName'),
        ((key):value) if(key as String !='availableSeats' and key as String != 'airlineName')
  "airlineName":"Ryan Air",
  "airlineName":"Ryan Air",
    "emptySeats": 45,
    "airline": "Ryan Air",
    "aircraftBrand": "Boeing",
    "aircraftType": "737",
    "departureDate": "12/14/2017",
    "origin": "BCN",
    "destination": "FCO"
    "emptySeats": 15,
    "airline": "Ryan Air",
    "aircraftBrand": "Boeing",
    "aircraftType": "747",
    "departureDate": "08/03/2017",
    "origin": "FCO",
    "destination": "DFW"

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