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flatMap(Array<T>, (item: T, index: Number) -> Array<R>): Array<R>

Applies a transformation function to each element in a list (array) and then flattens the result.

Instead of returning an array of arrays (as map does), it returns a flattened array (see the flatten function).


Name Description


The list (Array type) to map.


The item and/or index in the list to flatten.


This example returns an array containing each index and item in order. Note that you can also write the example like this: { "users" : ["joe", "pete", "matt"] flatMap ([$$ as String, $]) }


%dw 2.0
output application/json
{ "users" : ["joe", "pete", "matt"] flatMap (item, index) -> ([index as String, item]) }


   "users": [

flatMap(Null, (item: Nothing, index: Nothing) -> Any): Null

Helper function that allows flatMap to work with null values.

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