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First Successful Router

The First Successful router iterates through its list of child routes, each containing a set of components, until the first successful execution. If none succeed, an exception is thrown.

<mule xmlns:file="" xmlns:sockets=""
	xmlns:http="" xmlns=""
	xmlns:db=""  xmlns:doc="" xmlns:xsi=""
	<http:request-config name="HTTP_Request_configuration" doc:name="HTTP Request configuration" doc:id="b026579b-5a59-444f-8f91-ff209bed8342" >
		<http:request-connection >
			<http:client-socket-properties >
				<sockets:tcp-client-socket-properties connectionTimeout="500" clientTimeout="500" />
	<http:listener-config name="HTTP_Listener_config" doc:name="HTTP Listener config" doc:id="4631e4fd-571f-41c8-831d-d908b1763ef2" >
		<http:listener-connection host="localhost" port="8081" />
	<flow name="testFlow" doc:id="79cd7fcd-d355-418b-898b-5d7e3a1cbcab" >
		<scheduler doc:name="Scheduler" doc:id="6dc5dcc7-ce33-4d18-9de9-2c665f713508" >
			<scheduling-strategy >
				<fixed-frequency />
		<first-successful doc:name="First Successful" doc:id="6ae009e7-ebe5-47cf-b860-db6d51a31251" >
				<file:read doc:name="Read non existent file" doc:id="199cdb01-cb43-404e-acfd-211fe5a9167e" path="nonExistentFile"/>
				<set-variable value="1" doc:name="Set successfulRoute var to route 1" doc:id="c740b39e-a1c4-41d6-8a28-0766ca815ec6" variableName="successfulRoute"/>
				<set-payload value="#[vars.nonExistentVar!]" doc:name="Set Payload with non existent variable" doc:id="0cc9ac4d-5622-4e10-971c-99073cb58df0" />
				<set-variable value="2" doc:name="Set successfulRoute var to route 2" doc:id="88f15c26-d242-4b11-af49-492c35625b84" variableName="successfulRoute" />
				<set-variable value="3" doc:name="Set successfulRoute var to route 3" doc:id="446afb25-0181-45e5-b04a-68ecb98b57b7" variableName="successfulRoute" />
            <route >
				<logger level="INFO" doc:name="Logger" doc:id="b94b905a-3a68-4c88-b753-464bc3d0cfeb" message="This route is never going to be executed"/>
		<logger level="ERROR" doc:name="Logger" doc:id="9ffe328d-2595-4f28-81e8-ae731fc6cb89" message="#['Successful route was $(vars.successfulRoute)']"/>

The first two routes will fail because the first is trying to read a file that does not exist, and the second is trying to access a variable that does not exist. The third route, which sets a variable successfulRoute to a value of 3, will execute successfully. First Successful completes its execution upon success, so the fourth route will not be executed.

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