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Mule 4 for Mule 3 Users

Mule 4 improvements make it easier to learn, develop, and manage than Mule 3. For an overview of these capabilities, you should read What’s New in Mule 4.

This documentation describes the differences between Mule 3 and Mule 4, indicates when you should migrate to Mule 4, and shows what it takes to migrate apps manually. It includes information on these topics:

MuleSoft will be releasing a tool to help migrate applications to Mule 4 soon. Unless there is some urgent need to migrate now, we recommend that for now only use Mule 4 for new projects and only use this guide as a learning tool for existing Mule 3 users.

This guide should apply to all 3.x versions. However, the 3.x examples use Mule 3.9.