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About the Cryptography Module

This version of Mule reached its End of Life on May 2, 2023, when Extended Support ended.

Deployments of new applications to CloudHub that use this version of Mule are no longer allowed. Only in-place updates to applications are permitted.

MuleSoft recommends that you upgrade to the latest version of Mule 4 that is in Standard Support so that your applications run with the latest fixes and security enhancements.

This module provides cryptography capabilities to a Mule application. Its main features include:

  • Symmetric encryption and decryption of messages.

  • Asymmetric encryption and decryption of messages.

  • Message signing and signature validation of signed messages.

This module supports three different strategies to encrypt and sign your messages:

  • PGP: Signature/encryption using PGP.

  • XML: For signing or encrypting XML documents or elements.

  • JCE: For using a wider range of cryptography capabilities as provided by the Java Cryptography Extension.

Additionally, this module offers two general operations to calculate and validate stream checksums.
See General Operations for more information.

Using the Extension in Anypoint Studio 7

You can use this extension by adding it as a dependency in your Mule app.

Installing the Extension

  1. Open your Mule project in Anypoint Studio.

  2. Go to the Mule Palette.

  3. Select Search in Exchange, and search for the Cryptography Module.

  4. Add the extension.

  5. You can now search in the mule Palette for operations of the Cryptography module.