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isUpperCase(String): Boolean

Checks if the text contains only uppercase characters.

Introduced in DataWeave 2.2.0. Supported by Mule 4.2 and later.


Name Description


The input string.


This example shows how isNumeric behaves with different inputs and sizes.


%dw 2.0
import isUpperCase from dw::core::Strings
output application/json
  "a": isUpperCase(null),
  "b": isUpperCase(""),
  "c": isUpperCase("  "),
  "d": isUpperCase("ABC"),
  "e": isUpperCase("aBC"),
  "f": isUpperCase("A C"),
  "g": isUpperCase("A1C"),
  "h": isUpperCase("A/C")


  "a": false,
  "b": false,
  "c": false,
  "d": true,
  "e": false,
  "f": false,
  "g": false,
  "h": false

isUpperCase(Null): Boolean

Helper function for isLowerCase so that it works with null value.

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