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encodeURIComponent(String): String

Escapes certain characters in a URI component using UTF-8 encoding.

There can be only four escape sequences for characters composed of two "surrogate" * characters. encodeURIComponent escapes all characters except the following: alphabetic, decimal digits, - _ . ! ~ * ' ( ). Note that encodeURIComponent differs from encodeURI in that it encodes reserved characters and the Number sign # of encodeURI:

Type Includes

Reserved characters

Unescaped characters

alphabetic, decimal digits, - _ . ! ~ * ' ( )

Number sign


Name Description


URI component string.


This example encodes a variety of URI components.


%dw 2.0
import * from dw::core::URL
output application/json
  "comparing_encode_functions_output" : {
  	"encodeURIComponent" : encodeURI(" PATH/ TO /ENCODE "),
  	"encodeURI" : encodeURI(" PATH/ TO /ENCODE "),
  	"encodeURIComponent_to_hex" : encodeURIComponent(";,/?:@&="),
  	"encodeURI_not_to_hex" : encodeURI(";,/?:@&="),
  	"encodeURIComponent_not_encoded" : encodeURIComponent("-_.!~*'()"),
  	"encodeURI_not_encoded" : encodeURI("-_.!~*'()")


  "comparing_encode_functions_output": {
    "encodeURIComponent": "%20PATH/%20TO%20/ENCODE%20",
    "encodeURI": "%20PATH/%20TO%20/ENCODE%20",
    "encodeURIComponent_to_hex": "%3B%2C%2F%3F%3A%40%26%3D",
    "encodeURI_not_to_hex": ";,/?:@&=",
    "encodeURIComponent_not_encoded": "-_.!~*'()",
    "encodeURI_not_encoded": "-_.!~*'()"

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