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Migrating Message Properties

This version of Mule reached its End of Life on May 2, 2023, when Extended Support ended.

Deployments of new applications to CloudHub that use this version of Mule are no longer allowed. Only in-place updates to applications are permitted.

MuleSoft recommends that you upgrade to the latest version of Mule 4 that is in Standard Support so that your applications run with the latest fixes and security enhancements.

In Mule 3, there are several property scopes that you can use for different purposes. In Mule 4, most of these scopes have been removed.

Invocation Properties

Invocation properties are now called variables in Mule 4. Their behavior is exactly the same as in Mule 3.

Inbound Properties, Outbound Properties, Inbound and Outbound Attachments

These scopes do not exist in Mule 4. See Intro Mule Message for more information about migration.