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Scatter-Gather XML Reference

Element Description


Sends a request message to multiple targets concurrently. It collects the responses from all routes, and aggregates them into a single message.



Sets the timeout for responses from sent messages, in milliseconds. A value of 0 or lower than 0 means no timeout.


Determines the maximum amount of concurrent routes to process.
By default all routes run in parallel.

By setting this value to 1, scatter-gather processes the routes sequentially.


The name of the target variable.


Value of the data to store in the target variable.
If not set, the default value is #[payload].
This field accepts any value that a variable accepts:

  • Any supported data type.

  • DataWeave expressions.

  • The keywords payload, attributes, and message, but not the keyword vars.

Child Element Description


One of the routes in a the scatter-gather router.

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