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divideBy(Object, Number): Array<Object>

Breaks up an object into sub-objects that contain the specified number of key-value pairs.

If there are fewer key-value pairs in an object than the specified number, the function will fill the object with those pairs. If there are more pairs, the function will fill another object with the extra pairs.


Name Description


Key-value pairs in the source object.


The number of key-value pairs allowed in an object.


This example breaks up objects into sub-objects based on the specified amount.


%dw 2.0
import divideBy from dw::core::Objects
output application/json
{ "divideBy" : {"a": 1, "b" : true, "a" : 2, "b" : false, "c" : 3} divideBy 2 }


  "divideBy": [
      "a": 1,
      "b": true
      "a": 2,
      "b": false
      "c": 3

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