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CXF Module Overview

The CXF web services support inside Mule allows you to build sophisticated web service applications and do things like:

  • Implement JAX-WS code first or WSDL first services

  • Consume WSDL based web services

  • Create a proxies/gateways which mediate SOAP messages to:

    • Create a WS-Security gateway

  • Do content based routing

  • Validate incoming requests against the WSDL

  • Build reliable web services using WS-Addressing and WS-ReliableMessaging and a JDBC store.

  • Build secure services which are transport agnostic using WS-Security and WS-SecureConversation.

  • Configure services using WS-Policy

For information about what standards are supported, see Supported Web Service Standards.

When using CXF inside of Mule, there are several different ways to build and consume service:

Frontend Mode Server Client


<simple-service> builds services based on simple POJOs - no annotations are needed. CXF will introspect your POJOs and generated a WSDL for them

<simple-client> allows you to interact with a service which was built with the simple frontend if you have a copy of the service interface.


<jaxws-service> builds a web service messsage processor which using the JAX-WS and JAXB standard annotations or from a set of classes generated from a WSDL. These annotations give you complete control over how your schemas and WSDL are generated.

<jaxws-client> builds a message processor which can operate in two modes: 1) it can use a JAX-WS client generated from WSDL. 2) it can use a JAX-WS service interface which matches your server interface.


<proxy-service> provides raw SOAP and WS-* processing for incoming XML messages, allowing you to apply things like WS-Security to incoming messages and work with the raw XML.

<proxy-client> provides raw SOAP and WS-* processing for outgoing XML messages, allowing you to send outgoing messages in raw XML form and apply things like WS-Security to them.