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Generic Endpoint Reference


Generic Endpoint Reference

Purpose: The Generic Endpoint allows for a wide array of configuration options by defining a particular transport to be used as the endpoint.

Minimum Configuration: The Address URI is required in the Transport settings area under the General tab.

Discussion: Mule includes numerous transports which can be configured as endpoints. Many, but not all, of the transports included with Mule are already configured as Endpoints and are available as components in the Endpoint category of the Palette. These include the FTP, HTTP and Ajax Endpoints, as an example. The Generic Endpoint can also be used to specific these or additional endpoints based on a transport. This is done by entering the transport address in the Generic Endpoint Transport Settings Address field.

As an example, an FTP Endpoint can be created with the Generic Endpoint Component by specifying the FTP transport sting in the components Transport Settings Address field, such as "ftp://user:password@host/directory?connector-ref=myFtpConnector&binary=true". Likewise, a VM Endpoint can be created from a Generic Endpoint by specifying the VM transport in this field, such as "vm://foo".