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Studio Building Blocks

The Studio Palette provides 80 pre-packaged building blocks you can use to assemble Mule application flows. These items fall into the following seven categories:

Category Description Building Block Members Configuration Details


Exchange messages (and their embedded data payloads) with external parties, such as customers of a commercial website. Inbound endpoints, which are also known as Message Sources within the context of a Mule application, listen for and receive messages on various channels such as HTTP and FTP.

Ajax, File, FTP, Generic, HTTP, IMAP, JDBC, POP3, Quartz, SFTP,

Studio Endpoints


Combine entities ranging from building blocks to messages to parts of data payloads so that they an be processed as a single unit by other Message Processors in the flow.

Async, Composite Source, Message Enricher, Poll, Until Successful, Subflow

Studio Scopes


Package business logic and other functionality developed for a specific Mule application. Depending on the programming or scripting language used to develop this functionality, the code is packaged in a building block that supports Groovy, Javascript, Pojo, Spring Bean, or another language.

Echo, Flow Ref, Groovy, Java, JavaScript, Logger, Python, REST, RUBY, Soap, Script

Studio Components


Enhance, translate, or otherwise change message headers or their data payloads. For example, a payload received as part of an HTTP request-response exchange pattern can be converted to JDBC format before it is passed to a database.

Append String, Body-to-Parameter-map, Byte-Array-to-Object, Byte-Array-to-Serializable, Byte-Array-to-String, Expression, File-to-Byte-Array, File-to-String, Groovy, HTTP-Response-to-Object, HTTP-Response-to-String, Java, JavaScript, JmsMessage-to-Object, Json-to-Object, Message Properties, Message-to-HTTP-Response,Object-to-Byte-Array, Object-to-HTTP-Request, Object-to-JmsMessage, Object-to-Json, Object-to-String, Object-to-XML, Python, Ruby, Script, Serializable-to-Byte-Array, String-to-Byte-Array, Transformer Ref, XSLT, XML-to-Object

Studio Transformers


Use various criteria to select messages for further processing. For example, incomplete or invalid user credentials may be ignored, while valid credentials are passed to an LDAP server for processing.

And, Or, Not, Custom, Exception, Expression, Filer Ref, Idempotent Message, Message, Message Property, Payload, RegEx, Schema Validation, Wildcard

Studio Filters

Flow Controls

Use various criteria to route messages and data to different building blocks in your flow. For example, a filter might route customer billing information to a credit card billing web site, while the rest of the merchandise order is sent to the warehouse for fulfillment.

All, Choice, Collection Aggregator, Collection Splitter, First Successful, Message Chunk Aggregator, Message Chunk Splitter, Resequencer, Round Robin, Splitter

Studio Flow Controls

Cloud Connectors

Facilitate calls to Web service APIs

CMIS, Magento, Mongo DB, Salesforce, Twilio, Twitter

Studio Cloud Connectors