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Studio Filters

What are Filters?

Mule Studio bundles more than a dozen Filters that determine whether a message can proceed through an application flow. The simplest filters implement basic logic operators (such as and, or, and not), but these simple elements can be combined in various ways to specify complex logical conditions.

Custom Filters

In addition to applying standard filters, you can create a custom filter to specify a precise set of conditions a message must satisfy before it can continue through the flow.

Global Filters

You can also create a global filter that specifies a set of conditions that the message must meet at points along the flow specified by the Filter Ref building block.

Bundled Filters

Filters Description Reference



The three And/Not/Or logic filters express simple logic. When required to express complex logic, these three filters can be used in combination with other filters.

Logic Filter Reference



References a user-implemented filter class.

Custom Filter Reference



Filters against a range of expressions.

Expression Filter Reference


Indempotent Message

This filter ensures that a service receives only unique messages.

Coming Soon!


Message Property

Evaluates message properties to determine whether that message should be processed.

Message Property Filter Reference



Applies a regular expression pattern to the message payload to determine whether it should be processed.

Regex Filter Reference


Wildcard Filter