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Upgrading CXF from Mule 2

Mule 3 completely revamps the CXF support. CXF no longer exists as a transport, but rather a module which is a series of message processors.

This has the following benefits:

  • Flexibility - it is now much easier to intermix CXF with transformers, filters and other message processors. You simply insert a CXF message processor in the flow where you wish it to be executed.

  • Easier configuration - there are a number of configuration elements, e.g. jaxws-service, simple-service, proxy-service, etc, which each have their own syntax targeted to their specific use cases.

  • Increased robustness - with the improved property scoping and message processor model, the CXF module property is more robust and rigorous in it’s behavior.

To learn more about the new syntax, see: