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Installing Mule Studio 

  1. Check that your operating system is one of the following:

    • Windows

    • MAC OSX 10.6 or later

    • Linux

  2. Check that you have one of the following Java Development Kits (JDK) installed on your system:


The Mule Studio installation package contains everything you need to create and run Mule applications a bundled runtime version of Mule ESB. Download the Community Edition for free. Download the Enterprise Edition for a free 30 day trial.



To Upgrade Existing

Upgrade Mule Studio

  1. Launch Mule Studio.

  2. Under the Help menu, select Install New Software…​

  3. Mule opens the Install wizard. In the Work with field, use the drop-down menu to select Mule Enterprise Update site to upgrade to the latest Enterprise edition of Mule Studio, or Mule Community Update site to upgrade to the latest version of the Community edition.

  4. In the table, check the box to select MuleStudio, then click Next.

  5. Review your selection, then click Next in the next wizard pane.

  6. Use the radio button to accept the terms of the license agreement, then click Finish.

  7. Mule Studio installs the updated software.  

Unpack and Launch

  1. On your local drive, navigate to .zip file you downloaded for Mule Studio, then unzip the file.

  2. Optional: Move the unzipped MuleStudio folder to your Program Files or Applications folder.

  3. In the MuleStudio folder, double-click the MuleStudio executable file to launch both Mule ESB and Mule Studio.

    • Windows: MuleStudio.exe

    • Mac OSX:

    • Linux: MuleStudio

  4. Before opening the GUI, Mule Studio displays a pop-up dialogue to allow you to designate the workspace folder in which Mule will store all your project-specific files. Enter the filepath to the location on your local drive in which you want to store your Mule projects, then click OK.

  5. Mule Studio opens a Welcome Page to help you get started.

  6. Click one of the following three links to get kicking:

    • New Mule Project — Studio opens a wizard to help you open a new project.

    • New Mule Project based on a template — Studio opens a wizard to help you open a new project from a template.

    • Go to Mule Studio — Studio opens without opening a new project.