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JDBC Transport Performance Benchmark Results

This page describes the performance benchmark results for the Mule Enterprise JDBC transport.



Enterprise 1.6 (default 512mb max heap size)



Red Hat Enterprise 4.0

Mule CPUs

4-CPU Dell


Oracle 10g (separate 4-CPU host)

Mule Configuration

See Examples in $MULE_HOME/examples/jdbc. Used "Simple ETL" use case for this benchmark

Scenario Details

The ETL use case from the Examples directory was used for this benchmark. This example retrieves records from a table called mule_source and inserts them into a table called mule_target.

The scenario involves processing a backlog of 10 million records in the mule_source table. Records are read from the source table once every 1 second, at a batch size of 3000 records per read and 3000 records per commit.


Mule took 55 minutes to complete processing of the 10 million record backlog. Therefore, with this configuration, the Mule Enterprise JDBC Transport could move over 10 million records an hour.

Comparison to Mule Community Edition