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Mule Deployment Model

Mule 3 introduces an application-level component model to Mule. With this new concept, there is now a well defined model for packaging your applications and deploying them into a Mule instance. In addition, Mule provides support for managing the lifecycle of applications, even supporting multiple applications running independently within the same Mule container. This allows additional advantages such as:

  • Running multiple applications side-by-side

  • Clear boundaries for operations on what a Mule application is

  • Mule can monitor your applications and will reload configuration changes automatically

  • Applications can depend on different library versions, even if they would conflict before

  • Multiple versions of an application can exist side by side

Understanding the new model can be divided into several topics:

  • [Hot Deployment]

  • [Application Deployment]

  • [Application Format]

  • [Deployment Descriptor]