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XML-to-Object Transformer Reference

You can use an XML-to-Object transformer to transform XML data to a Java Object (also referred to as Java Bean graphs) using XStream.

Minimum Configuration: The name of the XStream driver class.

An XML-to-Object transformer transforms XML data using the specified XStream driver class.

Important: Mule uses XStream 1.4.2. The XML-to-object transformer is vulnerable to[CVE-2013-7285]. A remote attacker can send messages to an XML-to-object transformer and can achieve remote code execution (RCE). For more information, contact[MuleSoft Customer Support.]   

In addition to the properties common to all transformers, you can also specify class aliases and converters.


  • General -  Specify or browse to the XStream driver class:


  • Advanced - Optionally configure the properties standard to all transformers, plus add or change class aliases and class converters.


    • Use the Aliases pane to create, edit, or delete aliases for specific classes. 

    • Use the Converters pane to create, edit, or delete class converters.