Supported Software and Systems

Mule runs on operating systems that support the Java versions listed in Supported Java Versions. Mule Runtime runs as a standalone server and does not require an application server; however, Mule Runtime can run under one. Mule Runtime does not require a database unless you need to access a data store.

Software Version


JRE 1.7.0, JRE 1.8.0 (Recommended JRE 1.8.0_91/92)


MacOS 10.11.4, HP-UX 11i V3, AIX 7.2, Windows 2012 R2 Server, Windows 8.1, Solaris 11.3, RHEL 7, Ubuntu Server 15.04

Application Servers

Tomcat 7 and 8, WebLogic 12c, WebSphere 8, WildFly 8 and 9, Jetty 8 and 9


Oracle 11g, Oracle 12c, MySQL 5.5+, IBM DB2 10, PostgreSQL 9, Derby 10, Microsoft SQL Server 2014

The unified Mule Runtime 3.8.4 and API Gateway is compatible with APIkit 3.8.4. Mule runtime comes bundled with the Runtime Manager Agent plugin version 1.6.4.

Supported Browsers for Anypoint Platform

Anypoint Platform browser tools are tested and supported on these internet browsers (minimum screen resolution of 1024x768):

  • Firefox (latest version)

  • Chrome (latest version)

  • Internet Explorer 10 or later