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About Mule Event

A Mule event contains the core information processed by the runtime. It travels through components inside your Mule app following the configured application logic.

A Mule Event is composed of these objects:

  • A Mule Message contains a message payload and its associated attributes.

  • Variables are Mule event metadata that you use in your flow.


A Mule event is generated when a trigger (such as an HTTP request or a change to a database or file) reaches the Event source of a flow. This trigger could be an external event triggered by a resource that might be external to the Mule app.

  1. A trigger reaches the event source.

  2. The event source produces a Mule event.

  3. The Mule event travels sequentially through the components of a flow.

  4. Each component interacts in a pre-defined manner with the Mule event.

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