About Deploying a Mule Application (Mule Maven Plugin)

The Mule Maven Plugin allows you to automate the deployment of your Mule application to your Mule servers.

By default, this plugin allows you to deploy using four different deployment strategies:

  • CloudHub deployment.
    Automate the deployment of your Mule application to CloudHub.

  • ARM deployment.
    Deploy your Mule application to your Mule server, or server clusters using the ARM API.

  • Mule Agent deployment.
    Deploy your Mule Application using the Mule Agent.
    This deployment strategy only works if all your Mule Runtime instances live under the same address space.

  • Standalone runtimes deployment.
    Deploy to a runtime running on your own machine.

When deploying an application using the Mule Maven Plugin you need to specify a valid deployment configuration in your pom file.
You can set up deployment configuration using their dedicated deployment references.

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