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Assigning Permissions

Current Anypoint Partner Manager solutions will continue to be supported in accordance with the Product Support and Maintenance Terms but will not be available for new customers or upgrades. Contact your MuleSoft representative for more information on MuleSoft’s B2B solutions.

The following table identifies permissions you can assign, as well as the privileges and scope that correspond to those privileges. For detailed information about how to use Anypoint Platform to assign these permissions, see Access Management and Managing Permissions.

Permission Privileges Scope

View Partners

Can view all partners and their information and settings.

Assigned per environment

Manage Partners

In addition to privileges of View Partners, can add new partners and update information and settings for partners.

Assigned per environment

View Transactions

Can view data in the B2B Transactions monitoring screen.

Assigned per environment

Manage Transactions

In addition to privileges of View Transactions, can replay transactions.

Assigned per environment

Partners Administrator

In addition to all the privileges of Manage Partners and Manage Transactions, can generate new Api Keys for the organization and promote Partner settings across environments.

Assigned per Business Group

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