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Current Anypoint Partner Manager solutions will continue to be supported in accordance with the Product Support and Maintenance Terms but will not be available for new customers or upgrades. Contact your MuleSoft representative for more information on MuleSoft’s B2B solutions.

Content Area

Each row has 5 columns


What partner the error came from


Who it was going to


Date and time at which the error occurred

Error Code

Code associated with the error

Detail Pane

Displays detailed information specific to the error code


You can filter errors based on:

  • Today

  • Past 48 Hours

  • This Week

  • This Month


Select a date from calendar; only errors that occurred after that date will appear.


Select a date from calendar; only errors that occurred before that date will appear.

Error code / type

For example, 4- Languishing

Error Source
  • Transmission

  • Transaction

  • Errors

  • Document

Error ID

Enter a specific error identifier.

To show all errors

Click Clear filters.

Top Bar

  • Related error source button will appear when a row is selected. This will allow you to view the transaction, transmission, or document associated with the error.

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