This version of the product has reached End of Life and is no longer supported.

Transaction Monitoring

Anypoint Partner Manager V1.0 was deprecated in March 2021. Its End of Life is March 31, 2022. Support for Anypoint Partner Manager 1.0 continues in accordance with the Product Support and Maintenance Terms but is not available for new customers or upgrades. For the latest version of Anypoint Partner Manager, contact your Customer Success Manager to determine how you can migrate to the current version.

Anypoint Partner Manager (APM) enables you to monitor B2B transaction data. A transaction is the full set of end-to-end events (including transmissions, documents, and errors) involved in processing a transmission.

You can:

  • Filter to find the specific transaction data for which you are looking

  • Review and monitor errors and acknowledgements.

  • Search for metadata

This page identifies the APM components you use to monitor transactions.

Get Started

transaction monitoring
Figure 1. Transaction Monitoring Page
  1. By default, this page presents data for today’s transactions.

    To change the time period, see Overview for timeframe Dropdown List.

    To change the type of data displayed, see View Dropdown List.

Page Elements

The Transaction Monitoring Page consists of the following elements:

Anypoint Platform Header

At the top of every page.

  • Menu on the left enables you to switch to other Anypoint applications.

  • ? button provides access to support resources.

  • Master Organization name appears at top right. For more information, see Organization.

Navigation Sidebar (left)

Use this sidebar to move from page to page.

Top Bar
  • Fixed on scroll

  • Provides all action buttons associated with any selection you might have made.

Detail Sidebar (right)
  • Provides the details of what you have selected in the Central Pane.

  • Most IDs have a copy button to the far right of them.

    • Clicking on this will add the ID to your clip board.

Central Pane

Presents content associated with the selection in the Navigation Sidebar.
For information about elements that can appear within this pane, see Central Pane elements.

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