This version of the product has reached End of Life and is no longer supported.

Transactions View

Anypoint Partner Manager V1.0 was deprecated in March 2021. Its End of Life is March 31, 2022. Support for Anypoint Partner Manager 1.0 continues in accordance with the Product Support and Maintenance Terms but is not available for new customers or upgrades. For the latest version of Anypoint Partner Manager, contact your Customer Success Manager to determine how you can migrate to the current version.

The Transactions View is the default view for B2B Transactions page.

Content Area

The Content Area displays a table consisting of rows, each of which presents data specific to a transaction.

Transaction rows

Each row has five columns, each of which present data about a specific type of data.

Column 1 (not labeled): Transaction completion status

Contains either a green checkmark or a red '!'.

  • A green checkmark means the transaction was successful

  • A red '!' means that an error occurred somewhere in the transaction.

Column 2 (not labeled): Replay status

This column may contain:

  • A blue partial circle with an arrowhead pointing right, which means that the transaction has been replayed

  • A gray partial circle with an arrowhead pointing left, which means that the transaction is a replay of another transaction

  • A gray circle with two sequential arrows, which means the transaction is currently being replayed

Column 3 (From)

The partner from whom the transaction originated

Column 4 (To)

To whom the transaction was destined

Column 5 (Date)

Date and time at which the transaction occurred

Transaction Event rows

To view detailed information for the events that comprise a transaction, click anywhere in a transaction row. A new table appears beneath the transaction row. Events appear in inverse chronological order (oldest first). Columns are:


Partner from whom the event originated


Partner to whom the event was sent


Event type


Either Inbound or Outbound


Date and time at which the event occurred


Indicates what happened in the event

Transaction Detail Pane

This pane appears on the right side of the page. In addition to information displayed in the [Transaction row], it displays the Transaction ID.

If a transaction has been replayed, a view replays link appears, enabling you to view replays for the transaction.


You can filter transactions based on:

  • Today

  • Past 48 Hours

  • This Week

  • This Month


Select a date from calendar; only transactions that occurred after that date will appear.


Select a date from calendar; only transactions that occurred before that date will appear.


Configured partners. For more information, see Partner Configuration.

Transaction ID

ID that you enter. When a Transaction ID filter is set, you can choose to include the replayed transactions originated from that Transaction ID.

To show all transactions

Click Clear filters.

Top Bar

  • The Replay button will appear if transaction you have selected can be replayed.

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