This version of the product has reached End of Life and is no longer supported.

X12 Identity Settings

Anypoint Partner Manager V1.0 was deprecated in March 2021. Its End of Life is March 31, 2022. Support for Anypoint Partner Manager 1.0 continues in accordance with the Product Support and Maintenance Terms but is not available for new customers or upgrades. For the latest version of Anypoint Partner Manager, contact your Customer Success Manager to determine how you can migrate to the current version.
Setting Description

Interchange ID qualifier - ISA

Value of the EDI ID Qualifier for your trading partner. Some of the most common values are listed below. If you choose Custom, you can define the trading partner’s EDI X12 qualifier.



Valid values
  • 01 (DUNS Number)

  • 08 (UCC EDI Number)

  • 12 (Phone Number)

  • 14 (DUNS Number plus Suffix Number)

  • ZZ (Mutually Defined)

  • Custom

  • No default provided

Interchange ID - ISA

EDI X12 ISA ID for your trading partner; can be up to 15 characters. Your trading partner will supply you with the proper EDI X12 Interchange ID.



Valid values



No default provided

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